Human Capital Management

We take pride in being leaders in developing innovative solutions for human capital management. Our mission is to help organizations optimize their most valuable resources: their human talent. With a focus on people and cutting-edge technology, we offer solutions designed to maximize efficiency, productivity, and well-being for your team.

Our solutions span from human resources management and payroll administration to data analysis and skill development. We work closely with your company to understand your specific needs and tailor our solutions to your unique environment.

At BLMovil, we believe that an engaged and well-managed workforce is the key to business success. Our commitment is to provide you with the tools and guidance needed to attract, retain, and develop the talent that will drive your organization forward.

Let us be your strategic partner in human capital management. Together, we can create a more effective and efficient work environment that benefits both your company and your team. Contact us today to start transforming your human resources management.

Human Capital Management


BLMHRM is the Business Management solution specifically developed to simplify Human Capital Management for any company.

Among other features, it includes:

  • Complete employee file management
  • Attendance tracking
  • Document management
  • Project management
  • Compliance with NOM-035 and NOM-037 regulations
  • Absence and vacation management
  • Overtime control
  • Recruitment
  • Payroll calculation
  • Digital Payroll CFDI 4.0
  • Integration with BLMS
  • IMSS reports generation

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Knowledge Management


BLMS is a comprehensive Learning Management System compatible with multiple platforms, specifically oriented towards learning management in businesses.

BLMS introduces the concept of Curriculum Guide in the world of corporate learning, where each person, depending on their department and position, will have to take a set of courses necessary for their daily work.

BLMS allows the management of both online and in-person courses, managing the content of each course, exams, attendance tracking, instructors and classrooms, allocation of costs to different departments, as well as generating compliance reports, among many other features that make BLMS the best Learning Management System for Businesses.

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Emplowee OnBoarding


BLMOnBoarding is a system designed to streamline the onboarding process for new personnel in the company.

Integrated with BLMHRM and BLMS, it enables employees who are about to join the company to receive all the necessary knowledge for their position before their actual start date.

This not only reduces employee training costs but also simplifies their integration from day one.

One of the improvements we have observed in our clients is the reduction in employee turnover during the first weeks after their incorporation, as well as an increase in their productivity from day one.

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Skills Management


BLManufactura is a suite of solutions for the industry that allows, on one hand, the management of employees’ skills, to subsequently enable or prohibit the employee from performing an activity for which they are not certified.

As products become increasingly complex, they require more specialized personnel for manufacturing. Additionally, there is an increasing demand from both customers and certifying bodies for audits that demonstrate employees have the necessary skills for their daily activities.

BLManufactura allows for the demonstration of these skills, and with its integration with BLMS, it also allows for the demonstration that employees not only have the necessary skills but also the required knowledge.

The second phase of BLManufactura moves to the plant, allowing employees to access all the necessary information for their daily work from their workstation, and alerts if there are employees working without the necessary certifications.

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Bussines Alerts


Production process issues occur continuously, but their management is rarely automated. This means that when a problem arises, it may either go unreported or be reported to the wrong person. Subsequently, if tracking is done manually, it may not be done correctly or in a timely manner, potentially seriously affecting a client without the management being aware until all alarms have been triggered.

BLMAMS is a Production Incident Management solution aimed at managing, tracking, and automatically escalating incidents based on their type and severity.

BLMAMS keeps all alerts visible and active for management, where each alert has a responsible party for tracking, allowing for a quick overview of the status of each alert.

Never again have a problem with a client without being previously informed.

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Other Products

Vehicle Emissions Testing Center Management


Verifimovil is a comprehensive solution for emissions testing center management, which allows for the improvement of day-to-day operations at a testing center, enhancing customer service and increasing customer retention.

Among other features, it includes the following functionalities:

  • Automated and contactless capture of vehicle data and previous verification records
  • Automated capture of fiscal data for invoicing
  • Automatic invoicing CFDI 4.0
  • Invoicing for general clients
  • Credit and fleet management
  • Cash movement management
  • Automated generation of economic and production reports
  • Manage your emissions testing center from anywhere you go.

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Identidad Digital
Digital Identity


Bureaucracy has always been a problem for citizens. Every time a process needs to be carried out with the Authority, a lot of documents (birth certificate, identification document, passport, diplomas, etc.) have to be brought along, which the Administration itself generates. This requires going from one window to another, gathering information and enduring endless processes.

To solve this problem, BLMovil has developed a system called BLMiDigital Digital Identity, based on the premise that the only place in each country that has information about all citizens is the Civil Registry. From there, citizens’ biometrics are captured in the same registry, and these biometrics can be used for accessing information both by the Administration itself and by private companies that partner with it.

These functionalities will improve security, as the person providing their biometric data is the individual themselves, and reduce bureaucracy in administration, as all information would be directly associated with the person.

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Condominium Management


No more manual tasks or headaches managing estates. Streamline and automate daily processes with BLMResidencial. We simplify the work for condominium managers, boards of directors, and residents.

We provide stability and predictability for managers and homeowners’ associations.

We take pride in offering a secure, reliable, and user-friendly platform to our clients from the outset. With a 99.98% uptime in the last year, our clients know that the platform will always be ready when they need it.

Our platform is ideal for both tech enthusiasts and novices.

We want all users to make the most of BLMResidencial‘s features, whether they are technology experts or not. Residents have access to a mobile application that allows them to access from anywhere. And with our support team and available training resources, anyone can get the help they need.

We cover all the needs of residential management.

With over 35 features, our goal is to optimize all aspects of residential management, operations, and maintenance. We listen to our clients and actively seek their feedback to help us decide which features to develop. Property management is not static. Your software, therefore, should not be static either.

We reduce costs and increase revenues for managers.

On average, our clients see a 10-20% reduction in fixed costs within the first 3 months of using the platform. Additionally, BLMResidencial increases the ROI of condominium managers by increasing efficiency and creating opportunities for the community to generate income through additional services.

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Yacht Rental Management


The management of yacht rentals is a complex task that involves considering multiple factors such as dates, schedules, seasonal prices, maintenance, crew, amenities, etc.

This complexity increases when aiming to expand and have multiple boats in different ports, as managing all these variables becomes excessively complex, leading to cancellations, overlapping reservations, or lack of crews, which ultimately seriously affect the customer.

To address this specific problem faced by such companies, BLMovil has developed a Yacht Rental Management solution, BLMYachts, which automates all this management. It allows customers to make reservations directly from the rental company’s website, managing the yacht, services, and amenities required during their stay.

The system also enables the establishment of a network of agents who can offer services through the platform, with control and management of the commissions assigned to each of them.

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