Metodologías Agiles

The use of Agile methodologies allows us to deliver better software to you in less time.

Our Agile methodologies are the backbone of efficiency and innovation in managing our projects. With a focus on collaboration, adaptability, and continuous delivery of value, we drive excellence in an ever-changing business world. These methodologies allow us to stay agile, meet the changing needs of our clients, and ensure success in every project we undertake.

Our Agile PMO is a center of excellence in project management that drives agility and efficiency throughout the organization. With a focus on Agile methodologies, we oversee, optimize, and ensure the successful execution of projects. Our PMO adapts to changing needs, fosters collaboration, and ensures projects are delivered on time and within budget, driving business success.


In our project development approach, we employ SCRUM as an agile framework. SCRUM allows us to break down projects into manageable iterations, fostering collaboration, flexibility, and continuous value delivery. With defined roles, regular meetings, and open communication, we optimize productivity and ensure that projects are developed efficiently, meeting both customer expectations and deadlines.

In project execution, we embrace the principles of Lean Startup to maximize efficiency and minimize risk. With a focus on rapid experimentation and constant feedback, we validate ideas and products in an agile manner. This approach allows us to optimize resources and deliver solutions that efficiently meet market needs, driving innovation and project success.

Quality Control

Our dedication to quality control is paramount in project development. We implement rigorous review and testing processes to ensure that our deliverables meet the highest standards. From planning to delivery, we monitor each stage to identify potential issues and ensure that the final products are reliable and meet customer expectations. This attention to detail strengthens our reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our services include:

  • Code Audit
  • Technological debt assessment
  • Best practices, security, maintainability, performance
  • Relationships between elements
  • Evaluation of external vendors
  • Performance testing

Our services include:

  • Review of requirements/user stories documentation
  • Functional Testing Design
  • Manual Execution of Functional Tests
  • Automation of Functional Tests
  • Test Factory
  • Defect Tracking
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